DIY Mini Community

Appropriate for grades:
Subject areas: Visual and Performing Arts

We are all part of a community: a family, a neighborhood, a town, a state, a country, and the world. People with different roles make-up our communities, from our family, friends, and neighbors to classmates, teachers, and so on. Places in a community are also important such as our family home, parks, the post office, grocery stores, libraries, schools and even museums. Our communities give us a sense of belonging and connection to one another. Think about your community, what places and things would you like to have as part of your mini community?


You'll need:

  • small cardboard boxes
  • decorative paper or brown paper bags, newspaper
  • construction paper
  • magazines
  • glue stick or liquid glue
  • scissors
  • markers
  • Optional: big piece of cardboard to layout your community




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