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Inside View: Feng Shui For Blessings and Good Fortune
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Inside View: Feng Shui For Blessings and Good Fortune

October 16, 2016
2:00 PM - 4:00 PM

Feng Shui discussion with Carol Olmstead

Feng Shui Master Practitioner

Feng Shui for Real Life LLC

Join Feng Shui expert Carol Olmstead for a discussion of the basics of contemporary Feng Shui and how she and Curator Felicia Katz-Harris applied these principles into the design of the acclaimed exhibition Sacred Realm: Blessings and Good Fortune Across Asia. The exhibit uses objects from the museum’s Asian Art collection to show how people of diverse cultures use objects of divine power to seek good health and longevity, love and fertility, prosperity and luck, and peace and safety.  Similarly, people today use Feng Shui principals to rearrange their homes and workplaces to attract these attributes-essentially blessings and good fortune.  Carol’s lecture will include a discussion of the Five Power Principals of cotentemporary Feng Shui, and how she used these to advise on the placement of colors, shapes, and objects to achieve balance and harmony in the exhibition.  Following the lecture, Carol will answer questions and sign copies of her award-winning book Feng Shui Quick Guide for Home and Office: Secrets for Attracting Wealth, Harmony and Love.

Photo: Feng Shui Cosmological Diagram, San Chay (Yao) culture, Early 20th century, Northeastern Vietnam, Paper and ink. Gift of Mark Rapoport, M.D. and Jane C. Hughes, Museum of International Folk Art (A.2015.71.3)

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