Multple Visions: A Common Bond
Multple Visions: A Common Bond

 Teacher Professional Development Workshops 

La Cartonería Mexicana  | The Mexican Art of Paper and Paste Teacher In-Service, scheduled for Saturday, January 20, 2024, 10:30a - 2:30p. 

Our guest artist is multi-media artist, Cal Duran, who has created hundreds of Dia de los Muertos papier mâché installations throughout Colorado, including the Denver Art Museum, Colorado History Museum, Museum of Contemporary Art, the Denver Zoo and multiple galleries.

NM Educators always receive special admission of 50% DISCOUNT FOR NEW MEXICO K-12 EDUCATORS AND ADMINISTRATORS WITH ID.

 Educational Groups | Guided or Self-guided Visits 2023-2024

Providing educational exhibit-focused tours for all age groups exploring art and cultures from around the world. All our scheduled school tours and visits are FREE of charge for NM educational groups. You may plan to visit MOIFA in a group of up to two classrooms per visit. Guided school group tours may be scheduled from September 20th through May 2024.

Download an exhibit-focused digital packet for additional supporting materials and ideas for classroom projects. 


Self-guided school groups may be scheduled on Tuesdays, Fridays, and afternoons. Mondays may also be available. Self-guided school groups may visit during school breaks and the month of January.

Guided tours are offered on Wednesdays and Thursdays, only. School group tours are not offered during school breaks and the month of January. Tours must be prescheduled at least one month in advance, on a first come first serve basis. Be aware we may not be able to reschedule cancellations. Classroom pre-visits are available this year and pre-scheduled with our docents on a limited basis.

Elementary teachers can select a focus of one of our changing exhibits either “La  Cartonería Mexicana / The Mexican Art of Paper and Paste” or "Staff Picks: Favorites from the Collection". Visits will also include “Multiple Visions: Common Bonds”. Middle and High School groups may request any MOIFA exhibit to focus on exploring. Explore our current exhibits!

Spanish-language bilingual tours are available by request on Thursdays.

CHAPERONES: Elementary age groups must have 1 chaperone per 6 students. Middle and High School groups must have 1 chaperone per 10 students, with a minimum of 2 chaperones. Chaperones must be with their groups at all times. Chaperones, bus drivers, and any additional support staff are admitted free with our educational group visits. 

Guided Tours Schedule (Adjustments may be made for schools traveling long distances)

  • 10 am Tour A group / B group self-guide at MOIFA
  • 11 am Lunch in the Atrium, or outside on Milner Plaza
  • 11:45 am Tour B group / A group visit other institution or self-guide at MOIFA
  • 1 pm Depart, or optional time for self-guided exploration with Chaperones for 1 hour

 Please review the School Groups Visit Guidelines before your visit.

TRANSPORTATION: Bus funds are available for school group visits, by request. The MOIFA reimbursement form must be filled out and submitted to the Museum within 2 weeks of completing your scheduled fieldtrip. The primary contact teacher is responsible for scheduling their own bus/transportation. Click to download the Transportation Reimbursement pdf.

SCHEDULE A VISIT: Please fill out the school groups visit request form.

You will receive a confirmation email with your school’s scheduled time and date. Please allow us five days to confirm your visit. For questions: please contact Patricia Sigala at 505-476-1212 or e-mail

Virtual Classroom School Program 2023/24

As part of the Invite a DCA Educator initiative from the New Mexico Department of Cultural Affairs. MOIFA (Museum of International Folk Art) offers virtual classroom visits for grades PreK - 8 on various Folk Art topics. 

30 or 45-minute virtual session, includes Lesson (all ages) or Storytime(PreK – 1st), discovery exercise using 3-6 folk art objects, discussion (Q & A), and art activity demonstration. One virtual classroom visit, per teacher, please. Request our programs or other DCA (Department of Cultural Affairs) offerings by visiting Invite a DCA Educator.


 PreK - Kindergarten / Language Arts, Social Studies & Art: 

1st - 2nd Grade / Language Arts, Social Studies & Art: 

3rd - 5th Grade / Language Arts, Social Studies, Art, Math & Science: 

3rd - 5th Grade / Language Arts, Social Studies & Art: 

6th - 8th Grade / Language Arts, Social Studies & Art:

DCA Educators and staff have many educational opportunities available for learners of all ages in New Mexico, for more information visit This website highlights those programs and resources which are available virtually.

Outreach Trunks

Outreach trunks are available for educators to check out for use in their classrooms as supplemental curriculum units and are aligned with the National Visual Arts Standards. Trunks can be checked out for two-week periods and free of charge. Trunks must be picked up from and returned to the museum. These include hands-on objects, lesson plans, books, and/or Google Slides with additional images and video links.  

Please fill out the following form to request a trunk for your classroom. Trunk reservations are subject to availability, in the form below indicate your first and second choice. Request Form

Available Trunks Include:

Dancing Shadow, Epic Tales: Wayang Kulit of Indonesia: Wayang Kulit are flat leather puppets, elaborately decorated and perforated, casting intricate and dramatic shadow when used in performances.  They are used to tell some of the oldest stories in the world.  Learn about how the puppets are made, the role of the dhalang (puppeteer), and the gamelan orchestras. The outreach trunk includes shadow puppets, lesson plans, images, books, a screen and light for a puppet show.

Masks: Cultures all over the world integrate masked processions with celebrations that mark religious occasions, seasonal changes, historical events and spontaneous revelry. The outreach trunk includes a lesson plan, books, and hands-on masks.

Santos: Retablos, Tinwork and Straw Applique:  Hands-on objects made by New Mexican artists. The outreach trunk includes lesson plans, books, and coloring sheets for xeroxing. 

Recycled, Re-Seen: Folk Art from the Global Scrap Heap: Interdisciplinary Outreach Trunk includes, Crystal Productions Curriculum with DVD, lesson plan, images, magnetic board/games and hands-on recycling objects.

For more information about any of these programs, or, to be added to our mailing list, please contact: Patricia Sigala, Educator/Community Outreach & Engagement, at 505-476-1212 or e-mail