Multple Visions: A Common Bond
Multple Visions: A Common Bond

WE APPRECIATE YOUR ONGOING SUPPORT AND UNDERSTANDING. We invite you to explore the museum online from your own home Explore Our Online Museum Experiences!


Teacher Professional Development Workshops 2021/22

MOIFA will continue to offer virtual Folk Art workshops for Teachers through the school year, so check back soon to learn more.


Virtual Classroom School Program 2021/22

This year MOIFA is offering virtual classroom visits, as part of the Invite a DCA Educator, for grades PreK - 8 on a variety of Folk Art topics. 

30 or 45-minute virtual sessions, includes Storytime for (PreK – 1st), discovery exercise using 3-6 folk art objects, discussion (Q & A), and art activity demonstration. One virtual classroom visit, per teacher, please. Request our programs or other DCA (Department of Cultural Affairs) offerings by visiting Invite a DCA Educator.


  • PreK – Kindergarten / Language Arts, Social Studies & Art:  Dolls Around the World | Animals in Folk Art               
  • 1st- 2nd Grade / Language Arts, Social Studies & Art: Community & Celebrations - Amate Painting 
  • 3rd - 5th Grade / Language Arts, Social Studies, Art, Math & Science: The Art of Recycling: ReCycle-ReDuce-RePurpose-ReUse 
  • 6th - 8th Grade / Language Arts, Social Studies & ArtJapanese Folklore & Pop Culture: Sharing Stories Through Comics


A bit about us: Wonders on Wheels is a mobile museum that represents one of the 8 State Museums. Our exhibit is free to educational groups around the state. We often visit rural and tribal areas, and participate in special events around the state. This year the Museum of International Folk Art has installed: Musica Buena - Celebrating Music in New Mexico. Although we cannot travel due to COVID-19 restrictions, we have virtual presentations on our exhibit that we are excited to bring to your online classroom!

  • Musica BuenaAn overview of our exhibit on Traditional Music in New Mexico. 
  • Dressing Flamenco - A hosted presentation about the history of Flamenco Dance.
  • Los Matachines- A hosted, interactive presentation about a Traditional Folk Play which enacts the convergence of Spanish and Native cultures.
  • Cowboy Music - An interactive presentation that explores New Mexico’s rich history of romances, ballads, and corridos that inform cowboy music.

Additional Hands-on Activities include:

  • Shaker Maker - Students make a rattle using various different materials. Available as a pre-recorded video or as a live presentation.
  • Straw Oboe - Students make a wind instrument using various materials. Available as apre-recorded video or as a live presentation.
  • Craft Stick Harmonica - An activity making a wind instrument using craft sticks and other materials. Available as a pre-recorded video or as a live presentation.

Request a program by visiting Invite a DCA Educator

Outreach Trunks

Folk Art Outreach Trunks are available for area educators to check out to use in the classroom. These include hands-on objects, lesson plans, books, and DVDs. To check out an outreach trunk, please contact: Patricia Sigala, Educator/Community Outreach via e-mail

Available Trunks Include:

іCarnaval! : This vibrant celebration explores carnival traditions being carried out today in eight different communities in Europe and the Americas. No hands-on objects or Outreach Trunk. Crystal Productions Curriculum includes, DVD, lesson plan, images. 

Cerámica y Cultura: The Story of Spanish and Mexican Mayólica: Explore the rich and complex history and culture that led to one of the most enduring art forms: Mayólica, tin-enameled earthenware.  Outreach Trunk includes, Crystal Productions Curriculum with DVD, images, lesson plan, and hands-on ceramics.

Dancing Shadow, Epic Tales: Wayang Kulit of Indonesia: Wayang Kulit are flat leather puppets, elaborately decorated and perforated, casting intricate and dramatic shadow when used in performances.  They are used to tell some of the oldest stories in the world.  Learn about how the puppets are made, the role of the dhalang (puppeteer), and the gamelan orchestras.  Outreach Trunk includes, puppets, puppet screen, lesson plan, images and books.

Hispanic Folk Arts and the Environment: Four (4) separate kits: 1) Adobe 2) Foodways  3) Land, River, and Hispanic Settlement 4) Weaving.  Each Outreach Trunk includes, Crystal Productions Curriculum with DVD, images, lesson plan, and hands-on objects.

Masks: Cultures all over the world integrate masked processions with celebrations that mark religious occasions, seasonal changes, historical events and spontaneous revelry.  Outreach Trunk includes, lesson plan, books and hands-on masks.

Recycled, Re-Seen: Folk Art from the Global Scrap Heap: Interdisciplinary Outreach Trunk includes, Crystal Productions Curriculum with DVD, lesson plan, images, magnetic board/games and hands-on recycling objects.

Village of Painters: Narrative Scrolls from West Bengal: In-depth story of folk artists in India called patuas, who are keeping an age-old tradition alive in a rapidly changing landscape.  These itinerant artists create vivid scroll painting and accompany the unrolling of their art work with singing and storytelling.  Magnetic storyboard, scrolls and artist tools included in Outreach Kit.

For more information about any of these programs, or, to be added to our mailing list, please contact: Educator/Community Outreach Patricia Sigala at 505-476-1212, or e-mail .